Friday, January 29, 2010

1941: Famous Cartoonist Addresses

This is from an estate sale.

This is one part of a package of contact information of other cartoonists circa 1941, along with lists of places that employ artists.

It was in business envelope postmarked Mar 24, 1941 from "Art Headquarters" to a Mr. Paul K. Turbeck with its complete contents.

The list of "FAMOUS CARTOONISTS" includes:

  • Walt Disney
  • Frank King
  • James Swinnerton
  • Milt Gross
  • Percy Crosby
  • Gluyas Williams
  • Otto Soglow
  • Johnny Hart
  • Russell Patterson
  • George Petty
  • E. Sims Campbell
  • many others


Dan Reynolds said...

I called Walt this morning, but all I got was some dumb Mickey Mouse message. Wazzup?

Brian Fies said...

Road Trip!

Dennis Francis said...

This brings me back to my childhood when I was just trying to figure out what the big deal was about cartoons and comics. I then got hold of the Tarzan strip by Russ Manning.
That was the beginning of a massive obsession with cartoons,comics and their creators.

Rodrigo Baeza said...

"Johnny Hart"

Probably not the B.C. artist (who was only 10 years old at the time), but this guy:

richardcthompson said...

Wayne Thibaud is on the list. He's a great painter these days, and I didn't know he'd been a cartoonist. Hope he still keeps his hand in...

Dan said...

Missing one: Schulz!
Great seeing that old typewriter font!
Educational Cartoon Catalog

JULES said...

I can't believe Walt Disney was onthat list - so easy back then to contact people.