Thursday, January 28, 2010

Video: New Yorker Cartoonists

From the Chicago Humanities Festival on November 7, 2009: New Yorker cartoonist and Cartoon Editor Bob Mankoff talks about laughter and cartoons with fellow cartoonists Pat Byrnes, Roz Chast, and Ed Koren. This runs about an hour and 15 minutes.


Dan Reynolds said...

I bet this would have been real interesting if I could have seen what was on the overhead screen.
I found this VERY frustrating because the camera was set up without anyone focusing in on what was on the screen. You miss what people are laughing about. This seems like a really big mistake to make when you go to all the trouble to do a nice presentation and all in another city.
I have no doubt they're asking themselves, after seeing this video, why they didn't have someone manning the video camera.

Mike Lynch said...

Agreed: watching cluelessly while the audience laughs ain't fun.

The best thing would have been for this video to go to an editing stage so that there could have been integration of the Powerpoint slides with easy-to-see close ups of the cartoons.

This is a video of a fun get together that you, the viewer, unintentionally is left out of. Which is why, I confess, I did not watch the whole vid.