Thursday, January 28, 2010

Video: Dave Coverly Live with the Kalamazoo Concert Band

The video for this posting was taken down in October, but Dave Coverly himself found a YouTube clip of this fun concert. Do consider taking a look if you have 4 minutes and 24 seconds!

From October 10, 2009: Here is a 4 minute video of my pal, Reuben Award winner and SPEEDBUMP cartoonist Dave Coverly drawing LIVE, on stage, with the Kalamazoo Concert Band as backup.

LISTEN: the band is playing "Powerhouse" composed by Raymond Scott. You'll know the music as soon as you hear it, especially if you love animated cartoons.

LOOK at Dave's GIANT hand, hovering over the stage, drawing BIG BIG BIG - unaided by special effects or, so far as I can tell, pencil layouts! He's on the drawing high wire with no net! Go Dave, go!

This is part of the "Clowning Around with the KCB and Speed Bump's Dave Coverly" concert, conducted by Dr. Thomas G. Evans. It was recorded, mastered and mixed by John Stites.

My thanks to Dave for coming up with the video for this.

And a repeat of the original hat tip to Mark Anderson for the heads up!

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Jeff P said...

Odd coincidence: I did the same thing yesterday at Portland, Maine's Merrill Auditorium, w/ Rob Richards, organist for the Walt Disney Co. Rob played the auditorium's majestic Kotzschmar organ, and I drew along for three of the numbers. It's the third year in a row we've done it. Lots of fun---definitely a different cartooning experience!