Monday, January 04, 2010

Charles Addams Links

To quote Doctor Who, Things sometimes don't happen to me in the right order.

Case in point: at the ECC Cartoonbooks blog, Jan Oplinus writes about (1) discovering the ADDAMS FAMILY TV show and then (2) finding out later -- much later -- that they were based on cartoons. He shares links to all things ADDAMS. Well worth a moment to look at some amazing links.

By a weird quirk of (a) where and (b) when I lived, I never knew that there was an ADDAMS FAMILY TV show until I was a teen. This was back in the day before the homogeneous effects of nationwide cable. I had, by that time, read all of the New Yorker cartoon collections I could find.

Charles Addams would have been 98 years old this Thursday.

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Royston Robertson said...

Even worse ... the first time I came across the Addams Family was in the *animated* TV series which was based on the live action one. I wasn't aware of the Charles Addams/New Yorker connection until I was an adult.