Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Comix Journalism: Send Ted Rall Back to Afghanistan to Get the Real Story

Via Kickstarter, Ted Rall asks you consider supporting his proposed trip to Afghanistan.

From Ted's blog:

So it's like this:

In the old days, before the economy collapsed and newspapers and magazines thought it was important to pay people to collect news for them, and even paid their travel expenses, I traveled to places like Afghanistan and Central Asia on other people's dimes--POV magazine, Men's Journal, KFI Radio, Universal Press Syndicate, The Village Voice. (Psst--I still love you guys!)

Sadly, it's much, much harder now to get financing. So I'm turning to you...not for the work itself, but for the ridiculously exorbitant travel bill involved with getting to and from Afghanistan...which will likely run 35,000 or more for 3-4 weeks "in country" but for which I can scrape up $10,000 or so.

My plan is outlined in this link at Kickstarter, a site that allows people to pledge funds toward various projects.

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