Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Local Signage

Angry STAR TREK "Flan?" OK, you've got my attention!

Here are a few photos in and around the Strafford County, NH area of local signage. Above is an advertisement from the local Governor's Inn in Rochester, NH, where they will be presenting one of those dinner & murder mystery evenings. This one is STAR TREK themed, so of course, I had to put it up on this here blog. STAR TREK: THE WRATH OF FLAN! will be presented from February 19 thru March 27. I liked the fact that the sign was handmade, with a painting of the USS Enterprise and the command insignia.

Above is the Cotton Valley Trail, which has a good number of signs. There is one on the left, telling people to clean up after their dog, for instance.

The "CAUTION Watch for Sled Dogs On Trail" tells you that this is not an ordinary trail, huh?

And here are the facilities, complete with requisite hand carved moon over the door.

Arriving inside, you are confronted with this 5-point handmade instructional sign. A lot to take in, particularly if you are under some duress.

Click to supersize. Note the additional comment regarding husbands.

House Rules

  1. Always close cover when finished
  2. Go easy on the paper
  3. Gent's [sic] if all you have to do is water the trees go out back
  4. Please no cans [,] bottles, diapers, cardboard, kids, wives (someone has added "husbands"), or pets down the hole
  5. Please obey all rules or you will be down the hole cleaning

And here is a sweet wee faux lighthouse by the side of the road, in front of a Rochester barbershop. The people that run the barbershop wear their politics on their sleeve. On whose side are the people that own the barbershop on? Let's see. There are 2 signs:

Sarah Cuda


Keep Your Change
"You Socialist!"

As you can see, this area isn't shy with its signage.

And remember point number 5, Obey all rules ... or you will be down the hole cleaning!


Dan Reynolds said...

I always find messages in bathrooms enlightening and somewhat progressive (no, not the soup, but there's an image for you). I think this is how Thoreau got his start.
This is how my goldfish got his end.

Mike Lynch said...

Thoreua started; goldfish ended. Dan ... that's poetic (although sad for the fish)!