Friday, January 22, 2010

Audio: Joe Sacco Interview

From the WNYC press release:

Popular cartoonist-journalist Joe Sacco stopped by WNYC’s The Leonard Lopate Show this afternoon to discuss his new book Footnotes in Gaza.

While chatting about Joe’s investigation of a forgotten crime in Rafah, a town in the Gaza Strip, Leonard asked about his uncommon career as a journalist/comic book artist:

SACCO: “You know, if I was a documentary filmmaker, perhaps I would have thought of doing it another way, but uh, I'm a cartoonist. Little by little, I began doing journalism in the comics form; I studied journalism. Organically, those two things came together, journalism and comics, so it just became sort of naturally evolved into what it is today for me.”

SACCO: “I think each medium has its strengths. But what comics does, you open the book and there you are. We like images, people are drawn to images and you can sort of see a place like a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip immediately – you're pulled into it. And also you can take people back into time, sort of seamlessly.”

You can hear the full interview by clicking this link,, and view two pages from Footnotes in Gaza by visiting

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