Saturday, January 30, 2010

Video: Terry Mosher "Aislin" Profile

Here is a good documentary on the renowned Canadian editorial cartoonist for the Montreal Gazette. AISLIN: DANGEROUS WHEN PROVOKED - THE LIFE AND TIMES OF TERRY MOSHER (2006) is a 43 minute film directed by John Curtin. It won the Gemini Award for best biography documentary.

From a press release:

This Gemini Award-Winning "Best Biography Documentary Program" focuses on Terry Mosher, aka Aislin, often called the nastiest political cartoonist. At the edge of his pen, no one gets out alive.

The film reveals little known aspects of Mosher's life, from his early days in Ottawa, to his adventurous ramblings, hitchhiking across North America as a young man, looking for something interesting to do with his life. He finally decides on art school, leading to a job with The Montreal Star as a cartoonist, and then with The Gazette. The rest is history.

Link: Aislin Web site.

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