Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gerald Scarfe Draws His Second Album Cover

Or do you say "CD cover" or "iTunes JPG?"

Gerald Scarfe drew the iconic cover to Pink Floyd's THE WALL. Now he's doing his second album cover.

Anyway, poet Philip Larkin is to have a record out on the 26th of this month, commemorating the 25 years since his death. Titled LARKIN'S JAZZ, this new collection (to quote Bruce Lindsay's essay at AllAboutJazz)

" ... contains 81 of the tunes that he loved and enjoyed from his early-teens, beautifully packaged with detailed essays and notes. The cover illustration is by noted cartoonist Gerald Scarfe, whose only previous album cover was Pink Floyd's The Wall."

Related: The book GERALD SCARFE: THE MAKING OF PINK FLOYD: THE WALL to be published in September 2010.

Also related: Gerald Scarfe: Heroes & Monsters at the German Museum for Caricature.

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