Thursday, July 29, 2010


Here is the first 90 seconds of the very first episode of the TV show MY WORLD AND WELCOME TO IT. Based upon "stories, inspirational pieces, cartoons and things that go bump in the night by James Thurber," to quote the titles.

You may already know the format:

William Windom plays John Monroe, a cartoonist who commutes from his Connecticut house to New York City to work at The Manhattanite magazine. Unlike Thurber's most famous character, Walter Mitty, John Monroe was not a passive, quiet soul. He railed against the world and its conventions. He was a curmudgeon, and not necessarily lovable. Balancing out the acid protagonist were Joan Hotchkis and Lisa Gerritson playing the more likable and sensible wife and daughter.

I was a wee tot at the time, but I have memories of this opening, with the real-life color Windom, interacting with a line drawing of a cartoon house. It was, to be honest, absolutely nightmarish and absolutely mesmerizing. I loved to watch it, although I doubt I was paying attention to the content. Those segments were the highlight of the show, and, according to what I've read, rather a costly item for a 1960s sitcom. The animation was by DePatie-Freling.

After its cancellation, the half-hour series would win two Emmies: one for Windom and another for Best Comedy Series.

Sometimes I wonder if there will ever be a revival or a reimagining of MY WORLD. I would be happy with the series just being properly cleaned up and available on DVD.

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