Friday, July 09, 2010

Cartoonist Tim Buckley on "Americanized" DOCTOR WHO

There are rumors that DOCTOR WHO will be transferred overseas and redone as a US TV series. Bringing UK shows over to the US and retooling them for American audiences in nothing new, and there have been some commercial and critical successes (ALL IN THE FAMILY, SANFORD AND SON, THREE'S COMPANY) -- but also a good share of downright, absolute failures. (I'm thinking of the 3 bad remakes of FAWLTY TOWERS -- with Harvey Korman, Bea Arthur and John Larroquette -- there are others, many others.)

Anyway, so DOCTOR WHO -- which can be seen on BBC America -- is quintessentially British and I cannot imagine how or why a US version would be better.

Tim Buckley's cartoon take on a US version is, sadly (and funnily) spot on.

Hat tip to Discover Magazine.

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