Saturday, July 24, 2010

Video: Flash Rosenberg

My friend Flash Rosenberg draws as John Lithgow reads. This is all part of the Who Is Mark Twain? book.

Who is Mark Twain? from Flash Rosenberg on Vimeo.

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Rah said...

Big Mark Twain Fans here!!!

I've read a great deal of his works and nearly passed out from laughing so hard when my friend Carlton and I went to France with some other people and had to share a room together. We were in the south of France and there was little to do after dinner talking and drinks so we all went to bed. Carton asked me to read to me what I was reading which was Mark Twain's autobiography. We nearly suffocated trying to keep our laughter down as the walls seemed to be made of rice paper. It was the scene where Mark Twain was stuck in the printing office as a boy and dropped a watermelon rind on the head of his brother walking bellow the window of the printing office. I'm not sure what struck us so funny but we couldn't breath for laughing so hard. Read the passage again some years later and it wasn't nearly as funny, but still good. I suppose it's a matter of timing as well.