Thursday, July 01, 2010

Rufus is Recovering

Above: Rufus still has a bit more of the fighter in him than formerly believed.

Rufus the cat, who had a serious dental operation yesterday, is doing fine.

"You didn't tell us that Rufus has a dark side," the vet said, showing me a puncture wound on his hand.

Even when groggy, Rufus was able to injure a couple of people. He's an ex-stray cat from Red Hook, Brooklyn, don'tcha know! You can take the stray outta Red Hook, but you can't take the Red Hook .... well, you know the rest!

Rufus, the lover, in repose.


David said...

I'm glad Rufus is doing well. We just adopted another kitty, Samson, who will have to have some dental work done soon.

Mark Anderson said...

Poor little Rufus. Glad to hear everything went OK. Well, not for the vet...