Thursday, July 22, 2010


I have no idea what this 1963 Czech movie IKARIE XB1 is all about, but I found it mesmerizing in its shadowy visuals and the sense of dread as the above 2 astronauts explore a derelict ship in space.

Stylistically more advanced than many other futuristic movies of its day, IKARIE XB1 is credited with being Czechoslovakia's first sci fi movie. If I was doing a sci fi graphic novel, I would want it to look as cool as IKARIE XB1.

American International, according to what I read, got the rights and hacked it up, releasing it as a movie titled VOYAGE TO THE END OF THE UNIVERSE. The look of the thing influenced Kubrick's 2001.

A hard to find DVD. Not impossible, just hard. Not for rent from Netflix. And, apparently it was not originally in black and white (although American International's recut of the film WAS released in B&W). Hard to believe since B&W really enhances the feel of the above scene. One of these days I'll have to find it.

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