Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WAR IS BORING by David Axe and Matt Bors

WAR IS BORING, a graphic novel collaboration between journalist David Axe and editorial cartoonist Matt Bors, arrives from the New American Library next week. The Huffington Post has a preview here.

"War correspondence -- that makes sense, people tell me. By why comics? they ask.

"Because words seem to want to connect like plumbing: one piece at a time in a perfect line, no gap between them. But images are like dreams. They're wispy. They linger. And as they fade, they mix with the images that preceded them and follow. Comics combine words and images. You get the solid, logical effect of words plus the images' gauzy wrapper. That lets you do all sorts of interesting things with story. You can say one thing with your text while implying another with the art. You can describe hints of untold back-stories with a few strokes of ink even as the narration leaves no doubt about your main point. 'Look here,' the words declare. 'Imagine this,' the art whispers"

Hat tip to Sean Kelly!

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