Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CHINA'S GOT TALENT Winner Wants to Be a "Cartoonist Who Can Dance"

Hey, here's video of the 2011 winner of CHINA'S GOT TALENT, Zhuojun. Yes, I didn't know that there was a CHINA'S GOT TALENT show either, but the point is that there is one and that this fellow won.

And, now that you've won -- what are you going to do now, Zhuojen?

He's gonna be a cartoonist.

Xu Junqian, writing for the China Daily, has the background:

"I was surfing the Web in an Internet bar when someone showed me a clip of Michael Jackson's music video, Dangerous," Zhuo recalls.

"It was like my body was electrified. I've never forgotten the rhythms and moves."

But, after the TV spotlight and the awards and fame ... he's going to draw instead. From the China Daily article "A Dream In Motion:"

"All kinds of people have been calling me, asking what I'd do if I won. I just want to show my dances to people in my hometown and go back to school at the end of summer."

He plans to become a cartoonist after graduation, and stay out of the entertainment industry.

"It's too complicated, and I don't need that much money," Zhuo says.
"I'll be a cartoonist who can dance. That's all."

Zhuo's prize from the show is a year's use of a Peugeot car. He plans to give every one of his village's 70 residents a ride, he says, even though he can't drive.


Brian Fies said...

Aside from the cartooning angle, what I love about the story is that the guy wins a nationwide talent competition and his big prize is getting to borrow a car for a year. I would return that thing wrecked!

Mike said...

He's chosen to be a cartoonist because being a Michael Jackson impersonator is too complicated and he doesn't need that much money.

Yes, I'd say the Chinese have figured out our economic system all right.