Friday, July 01, 2011

The Garden As of July 1, 2011

The gardens are going well. The dianthus is done blooming, as are the painted daisies. Soon, the lilies will be in bloom. They're a foot or 2 taller than last year.

The lavender (2 colors!) is blooming.

Above: the Adirondack chairs, the driveway, the raised garden beds.

The unweeded, crazy strawberry bed. Still making strawberries. Which is why there are some chairs near. Duh.

The tomatoes are tall and bushy. that's an orange on top of a bamboo pole, upper right. I'm trying to attract some orioles. No success.

The squash is coming in hearty. Still trying to grow some sprouts off of 3 sweet potatoes for planting. No sprouts yet!

On the right: the lettuce, and, in the back bed, cucumbers (already have my first dill pickle-sized cuke -- I've never seen so many blooms on my cucmbers before) and peppers. On the left, the herb bed, with the sage and green onion blooming.

The Garden As of Mid-June 2011

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David said...

Amazing how quickly the tomatoes filled in!