Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Garden As of Mid-July 2011

Above: the vegetable garden: a series of raised beds ... going crazy.

The garden is out of control. The tomato plants are as tall as I am. The cucumbers -- there are five plants -- produce about one cucumber for each plant per day. The peppers are doubling in size every night.

Above are the strawberries. No longer producing fruit, this aggressive plant, whose aim is to take over the garden, the lawn, the driveway with its strawberry empire, needs to be cut back. I know, I know. Strawberries are so sweet and delicious! Who could believe they want to dominate the world? Who could hate them? Looks can be deceiving, bud!

Above: the dense thicket of tomatoes. I've never seen tomatoes so tall, so leafy and so many flowers. They're over five feet tall now. This time next month, I'm going to be making sauce like Chef Boyardee.

The yellow squash, getting tall and blooming its large yellow flowers. Last month, this was a raised bed of dirt. The sweet potatoes did not sprout. Ah well. There's always 2012.

Foreground: last days for the lettuce, just now beginning to get tall (and when it gets tall, it blooms and gets bitter).  Background: the cucumbers and peppers. The cucumbers are climbing OUT not UP, despite the trestle. Like the tomatoes, they are dense and bushy. They are now producing enough for each cat in the house to have his/her own cucumber a day. If only there were tuna flavored cucumbers.

I'll end this gardening blog entry with some shots of the lilies in the flower garden, and the mysterious purple globe flowers that I have NO IDEA what they are. But ain't they pretty?

Even the birds garden: sunflowers blooming under the feeder. Taken at sundown over the raised garden beds.

The Garden As of July 1, 2011
The Garden As of Mid-June 2011


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