Thursday, July 14, 2011

COLLIER'S COLLECTS ITS WITS: 66 Cartoonist Self-Portraits

COLLIER'S COLLECTS ITS WITS is a large trade paperback from 1941, which may make it the first trade paperback. As the cover splash says, the book contains

339 colossal cartoons by
103 extraordinary artists
 enthusiastically edited by
with 66 life stories and 66
devastating self-caricatures

It's the self-caricatures that I wanted to post. Here are a few highlights:

Reamer Keller:

Charles Addams:

Syd Hoff:

Helen Hokinson:

And, below, are the 66 stories and caricatures of some of the great COLLIER'S cartoonists:

Above: the back cover.

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