Friday, July 01, 2011

The Garden As of Mid-June 2011

There are two gardens, really: the perennial garden by the house (above) and the raised beds with (mostly) vegetables.

Above: the perennial garden. The light purple dianthus is in bloom, along with the painted daisies. The red flowers on the right are columbine.

An Adirondack chair eye's view of the raised beds as of mid-June. 

Above: the bed of strawberries, which, at its peak was producing a quart a day.

Tomato plants in their cages, with the soaker hose giving them some good, moist soil. 

Squash plants. Nothing much to see here. Also: trying to grow some sprouts off of 3 sweet potatoes. Plant the sprouts and in 90 days, you have more sweet potatoes. No sprouts yet!

Foreground: lettuce. Background: cucumbers and peppers. 


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