Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Video: Lost 1926 MUTT AND JEFF Silent "Playing With Fire"

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I am very extremely proud to showing a recently found long-lost oldest 35mm cartoon classic starring Mutt and Jeff. I bought it from the States thru eBay few years ago, but I've not joined YouTube during at that time. But it is the big opportunity to expressing my discovery of the lost films and here's the one that is awaiting for the YouTube presentation. This public-domain B/W 35mm film is Nitrate element, and is very dangerous to be projected by a conventional 35mm movie projector (due to the excessive screening light which is very deadly) and left the theatrical-released film almost unscathed which is widely unseen for more than 80 years. Nowadays, very few Mutt and Jeff cartoon shorts is existed today, most notably it can be found on DVDs, but doesn't mentioned about this newly-founded 1,000 ft film, 'Playing With Fire'. I used my 35mm Steenbeck editing machine to playback this lost film along with low-stressing projection light which is major recommendation for Nitrate films. Watch this nice animated-paced funny masterpiece to experience yourself at the focusing element of the lost film classics. Rated far much better than Walt Disney's 'Steamboat Willie' (1928) which is two years away.

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