Tuesday, July 12, 2011


A couple of people came up to me at the HE DREW, SHE DREW gallery reception, asking me who thought up the great title. I can't remember. It was either me or Stephanie Piro. And it all started by us doodling on some napkins. I would draw a guy and then Steph would draw a woman responding.

For instance --

I draw:

And Stephanie completes the cartoon:

Our styles were complimentary and we thought they were funny.

I drew some more of these, leaving room on the right side:

And here they are with Stephanie's response:

It's the cartoonists equivalent of passing notes in school I suppose. We put together a package of these, titling the proposal "He Drew, She Drew" and sent them to syndicates and publishers. I think we did a couple dozen. No bites. But they were fun to do. I'll post more if I run across them ...

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Dan Reynolds said...

THe title reminded me of "He Said, She Said", a 1991 romantic comedy starring Kevin Bacon. Ashley Tinsdale has a song with "He Said, She Said."

I like the "He Drew, She Drew Idea", myself. I think it would be a perfect thing to syndicate.