Friday, July 15, 2011

Interview: Cartoonist Wilbur Dawbarn

Above: a cartoon by Wilbur Dawbarn from Private Eye.

UK cartoonist Wilbur Dawbarn talks to The Bucks Free Press' Rebecca Cain about his career.

“You have got to persevere- you have really got to come to terms with rejection as a cartoonist.

“When you become more established you still get rejected on a regular basis. There are so many people producing cartoons for so few slots.”

The rest is here.

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Wilbur Dawbarn said...

ha! mike, i was amazed just now to see this at the top of my new blogroll! (i've just got a blogger account and revamped it all as my whole new website)

the interview's a little embarrassing, actually, it was a phone interview, i think i may have crafted more intelligent, witty, and thoughtful replies to questions if they'd done it by email, but, there you go.

thanks for linking to it anyway :D