Wednesday, July 13, 2011

San Diego Comic Con 1974

Hey, there's this convention going on in San Diego! Let's see what's happening in the Wayback Machine, OK? OK! Setting the dials to 1974 . . . .

Here's Charles Schulz, who's been doing that PEANUTS strip for two deozen years. This is his first convention! BROOM HILD's Russell Myers and DOOLEY'S WORLD's Roger Bradfield are in attendance as well.

And "the highlight o the 1974 San Diego Comic-Con was MILTON CANIFF's chalk talk. ... The audience was thoroughly charmed and entertained by Milt's skilled hand at the drawing board and his leprechaun humor." And there's the first movie SUPERMAN Kirk Alyn and the one and only Frank Capra! Now, how could you top this galaxy of greats, huh?

And don't forget about ORLANDOCON '75 with Hal Foster and Roy Crane! (A back cover ad from CARTOONEWS.)

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Faff said...

Anyone invents time travel I'm heading for San Diego 1974. I can't imagine a line up like that being real, it sounds more like a fantasy.