Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Reubens 2007: Day Three

OK, last day of Reubens photos!

Winding up the Reubens weekend, the National Cartoonists Society annual convention. View of golf course from my balcony. There are a couple of ... uh ... velociraptors out there!

Not raptors. Birds. Very big birds. I guess that, in Florida, emus can run free.

Greeting Card Division winner Carla Ventresca, Mike Lynch, JANE'S WORLD'S Paige Braddock, Jean Schulz.

ARCHIE'S Stan Goldberg, Stephen Silver and Joan Crosby Tibbetts

One of my personal pleasures was meeting Joan, someone I have corresponded with over the years but did not meet until this past Sunday. I had invited her down to the Reubens and was very happy that she agreed to come, accompanied by her daughter Kim.

Joan is the daughter of Percy Crosby and Percy Crosby is best known for his popular comic strip SKIPPY. SKIPPY was Charles Schulz' favorite strips and helped inspire PEANUTS. Mr. Crosby is one of the best cartoonists ever and I am a big fan of his work.

Joan maintains the copyright to SKIPPY and you can read about her dad and also the legal battles of SKIPPY at her excellent Web site.

Book Illustration Division Award nominee Adrian Sinnott draws for a fan.

Mike Lynch and HAGAR THE HORRIBLE'S Chris Browne.

MUTTS' Patrick McDonnell and Joan Crosby Tibbetts.

You Don't Have to Be Named MIKE to Make it in Cartooning -- but it wouldn't hoit! Mike McParlane, Mike Lynch, Mike Peters and Mike Luckovich.

Mike Lynch and Joan Crosby Tibbetts.

Editorial Cartoon Division winner Mike Ramirez, Sam Viviano, Mell Lazarus, Mike Lynch.

It's Sunday night, time for a party! And, it was Mell Lazarus' birthday too! That's Mell in the yellow, with Dan Piraro shimmying behind him.

It was a salsa themed party, and Mike Lynch, Tom Stiglich and THE BUCKETS Greg Cravens get into the act.

THE NEW YORKER'S Drew Dernavich, OSU's Jenny Robb and OFF THE MARK'S Mark Parisi. Sorry Greg, Jenny looks waaaay better than you in that hat.

I'm happy to call The Great Don Orehek a pal.

Roy Doty draws!

OSU's Jenny Robb and King Features' Joe D'Angelo

It was well after midnight, and I was on my way to my room when I spotted Sam Vivano chatting as he caricatured "illustration guy" Chad Frye.

Always leave a little something for housekeeping.

The view out the balcony at night ....

And the blood red moon that was setting around 3:30am on May 28, 2007.

Thank yous to: Rick Stromoski, the NCS Board, Phil and the Crow Segal support team, as well as the staff of the Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes for a wonderful weekend.


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Mark Anderson said...

Wow! You took some great pics, Mikey! As much as I sometimes have problems with the NCS, I have to admit, looking at these made me wish I'd gone... Maybe next year!

Jeff Parker said...


Great pics! I linked to your blog. Saved me from posting my lame photos.

FYI. Those "velociraptors" of yours (LOL) are actually endangered sand hill cranes.

What? No pictures of lovebugs?