Thursday, May 03, 2007

Star Trek Fan Film Circa 1976

Just for fun: here's some video of a 31 year old 8mm STAR TREK fan film.

Now, listen up kids, this was back in the primordial 70s, when no one knew if this show could ever come back. It was the Dark Ages of Trek fandom.

And it was back when if you wanted shot of the Enterprise in orbit you had to --
ask mom to drive you to the hobby shop

buy a model of the Enterprise

glue it together

buy a beach ball

cover the beach ball in some lumpy oatmeal and paint it

attach fishing line to the model and the beach ball.
Not like today, when it's all in bits and bytes in the ol' hard drive.

Anyway, this short film was awarded second place at the 1976 Star Trek Bicentennial Convention. It runs under 2 minutes. I wonder if the person who posted the thing to YouTube was one of the guys who did the movie!

Image of the ALL ABOUT STAR TREK FAN CLUBS mag taken from this blog site.


Mark Anderson said...

That's hysterical!

I am, and always have been, entertained by your Trek postings, Mike Lynch.


Walter Loyd Lilly said...

...An outfit called FTL Publications has a PDF up of a complete book titled " BOLDLY WRITING " , which is a history of Star Trek fandom and zines 1967-1987 , the book dating from the `990s !
I don't have the ability/things handy to put up a link here now , but go to Captain Comics' Round Table , where I have a link already up.........

Walter Loyd Lilly said...

...Fandom history in general fascinates me !!!!!!!!!!!