Thursday, May 17, 2007


"These two are truly in toon"
puns the Newsday headline writer in an article about THE LOCKHORNS and Bunny Hoest and John Reiner. It's from May 5, 2007.

A wonderful close up of John's hand, penciling. Photos by John Ferrara for Newsday -- but are not reproduced in the paper's online edition of the profile.

This was part of a whole section about the comics, which included a dreadfully wrong column about the comics. I blogged about it here. I've updated the entry.

My thanks to Stan Goldberg for sending me the paper, which had these great photos in it.


Snowman Expert said...

Hi Mike,
Again your blog is so enjoyable to visit – I was having a difficult day dealing with inept art directors and your post about Wall Street cartoonists cheered me up. You mentioned you appear in the New Yorker offices – I'm there each Tuesday as of April. Last Tuesday at lunch I was surrounded by Gahan Wilson, front of me Mort Gerberg and to my right David Sipress. Otherwise I think I would stop trying to get in – it's been four straight weeks now without a sale and I'm a bit discouraged – I don't have enough time for paying jobs so psychologically I feel alittle taken advantage of if you know what I mean.
Bob, the Freelancer

Mike Lynch said...

Thanks for the kind words, Bob.

I've been dropping my cartoons off early and been missing the lunches.

-- Mike Submitting-for-7-Years-No-Sales Lynch