Monday, May 28, 2007

Reubens 2007: Day One

Some photos of me and some friends at this weekend's National Cartoonists Society annual Reubens convention held in Orlando, FL. These pictures are from the opening night cocktail party. There will be more photos this week. And some stories.

MAD MAG'S Ed Steckley, Mike Lynch, master illustrator C.F. Payne and editorial cartoonist Tom Stiglich.

I had such a great time talking with C.F. he let me call him "Chris," and I met his son Trevor. We got to swap stories about READER'S DIGEST, which has recently undergone a management change.

MAD MAG'S Sam Viviano, Mike Lynch and Mrs. Stephen Silver. (Stephen's a character designer for Warner Brothers.) Dig the James Bondian blazer Sam's sporting! Snazzy!

MAD MAGAZINE'S Tom Richmond apparently taking photos of his feet. Tom has one of the best blogs around. You can see a photo of him with his NCS Division Award on his blog, right now

BONANAS' John Kovaleski and the NEW YORKER'S Sam Gross look on as gag cartoon nominee Drew Dernavich plays hide the salami. I walked slowly away, my back to the wall ....

A grimacing cartoonist/illustrator Ed Steckley (you see his work in MAD) and his patient, patient wife.

WASHINGTON POST WRITERS GROUP'S Amy Lago plants the big juicy on Sam Gross.

MOMMA and MISS PEACH's Mell Lazarus with book illustration nominee (and editorial cartoonist) Mike Lester. They look contemplative. Looks can deceive!

It's Daryl Cagle and his wife! Daryl, whose a current editorial cartoonist and past NCS president, runs the MSNBC CagleCartoons site where many editorial cartoons from all over the world may be seen every day.

THE LOCKHORNS' John Reiner, trailblazing editorial cartoonist (and graphic novel reporter) Ted Rall and Mike Lynch.

It's Jim. Good ol' Jim, whose name I am completely blanking on. And his lovely wife whose name, etc., etc. I'm sorry. You guys were so nice. Feel free to not be so nice on your end, and send an abusive email for this unintentioned slight. UPDATE: It's Jim Horwitz and Roxanne Prichard.

Mell Lazarus, THE NEW YORKER'S Mort Gerberg, editorial cartoonist & GRIMMY creator Mike Peters.

Long-time MAD MAGAZINE editor Nick Meglin and lovely companion Linda Maloof.

Book illustration nominee Adrian Sinnott and ARCHIE's Stan Goldberg.

MAD MAGAZINE'S art editor Sam Viviano and Sam Gross.

HUSTLER cartoonist Dan Collins and PLAYBOY cartoonist, the one and only Don Orehek.

Don Orehek meets Popeye. Don can take him!

Popeye arm wrestles cartoonist and New Jersey NCS chapter Chairman Tom Stemmle, while BEETLE BAILEY'S Mort Walker, in background, watches with gleeful schadenfreude.

"You may have a future in the comics," says Mort as he congratulates the winner.

Drew Dernavich and John Martz, showing their pearlies. John is one the guys behind the byootiful Drawn site, and an illustrator as well.

Amy Lago, DOONESBURY's Garry Trudeau and BIZARRO'S Dan Piraro.

John Reiner, Mike Lynch and Mell Lazarus. Looks like we're lounging in one of those turn of the century men's clubs.

KING FEATURES' Comics Editor Brendan Burford cuts a rug with wife Rina (SIX CHIX, TINA'S GROOVE) Piccolo and Dan Piraro.

And so to bed. More anon.


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