Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hawthorne Comic Convention, Saturday, May 12, 2007

Last month I got an email from a guy -- a talented guy -- who wanted to make it in the comic book biz. He asked:

How do I get started drawing comics?

One answer is the Hawthorne High School Comic Convention.

One way to get started is to approach a pro comic book artist at a convention. Bring a portfolio of your work.

Now, a lot of these cons are busy and it's difficult to get a minute of quality time with a pro. Hawthorne is a small con in Hawthorne, New Jersey, with some real big legendary names (see below). It promises to not be as crowded as a big city con -- and the admission price is only $3!

Nice thing is that at the above linked site are some easy directions to get there if you are a car-less city dweller!

Here's the vitals:

Saturday May 12th, 2007

10am – 4 pm

Hawthorne High School, 160 Parmelee Avenue, Hawthorne, NJ 07506

Admission is still only $3!

Guests Include:

Gene Colan (Dracula, Daredevil, Batman)

Irwin Hasen (Dondi)

Jim Salicrup (Editor Papercutz, Marvel)

Danny Fingeroth (Editor Marvel, Write Now)

Mark Schultz (Cadillac's & Dinosaurs, Prince Valiant)

Joe Sinnott (Fantastic Four, Spiderman)

Ian Dorian (painter, penciller, sculptor)

Guy Dorian (painter, penciller)

Scott Roberts (Pattycake, Nickelodeon, Prince Valiant)

Tania Del Rio (Sabrina)

Joe Giella (Tent.) (Batman, Green Lantern, Flash and America's sweetheart Mary Worth)

Rudy Nebres (Vamperilla, Creepy, Eerie)

Doug Baron (penciller, Kubert School teacher)

Tommy Castillo (Batman, Toe Tags, duCret School teacher)

Paulo Rivera (painter Marvel)

Daniel Reed (Retro Dead)

Mark Romanowski (painter, duCret School instuctor)

Mark Sparacio (painter, Miss Liberty)

John Workman (Heavy Metal, letterer extraordinary!)

Bob Wiacek (inker Marvel, DC)

Paul Banono (penciller)

Dave DeVries (painter, creator of Monster Engine)

Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art

Bob Smith (Batman)

Mercy Van Vlack (Richie Rich, Evolution Comics)

Ken Gale (Creepy, Good Guys, Nuff Said)

Chris Moreno (Sidekick, WW Hulk: Frontline)

M. Sean McManus

Rob Garnito

Jon Cooke (Editor of Comic Book Artist Mag.) (Tent.)

Dennis Calero (X Factor)

Rich Buckler Sr. (almost every character at DC & Marvel!!!)

A big tip of the hat to Jim Salicrup!

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