Wednesday, May 02, 2007

R. Crumb Video: "The Bean Effect"

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Robert Crumb, dressed as a doctor, explains his personal vision of the perfect female form, and draws a bean.

Although this is from the 1987 BBC documentary, The Confessions of Robert Crumb, it was new to me. I remember seeing some of his originals -- beautiful work -- in the Carnegie Museum last year and wondering if they were going to bring up his treatment of women in his comics work. The show did not, if I remember correctly, have any of his comics where he rode women around or any of his nastier stuff. This clip does not, but Mr. Crumb does tell us the kind of physical woman he likes.

I admire Crumb's artistry, but he never was a personal favorite. But, hey, ya gotta be a little bit in awe of any cartoonist who can trade a couple of sketchbooks for a villa in France.

"His status as the bull-goose legend of underground cartooning meant that in the early '90s he was able to trade six of his sketchbooks for a house in the South of France."

-- Steve Burgess,

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