Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy Cartoonists Day/Free Comic Book Day

And happy Cinco de Mayo too! A confluence of happy stuff, all beginning with the letter "C!"

May 5th is Free Comic Book Day, when the local comics shop is just giving stuff away. You can't get those freebies at the local Borders, you gotta go to a comic book store. Don't know where that is? There's a "comic book store locater" at the above link!

The cool thing is the sheer number and variety of comic book offerings. So, if you're not into those muscley spandex-adorned guys, then see if they have any of the special free comic books by Charles Schulz or Lynda Barry.

Today in history, the first comic strip THE YELLOW KID appeared: May 5, 1895. And so, it is Cartoonists Day. This is a day when cartoonists can walk into any home, unannounced, and be treated to fine food and drink and massages, oo la la!

Have a good weekend!

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Mark Anderson said...

Really?! That's how it works?!

I'm totally heading over to Michelle Pfeiffer's place!