Friday, May 11, 2007

Irwin Hasen Doing Well

Irwin Hasen, who's been in the hospital for about two weeks, is doing well as of this writing. He'll be out in a couple of days. He was genuinely surprised and gratified that many people -- in the real world and cyber world -- are concerned!

No word about whether or not he had a stroke. On April 25th, after taking a group of students (from the Joe Kubert School, I believe) to the Bronx Zoo to sketch, he felt tired and flushed. He was going to join the NYC NCS chapter for dinner that night, but he declined. He checked himself into a NYC hospital.

From my source (who talked to Irwin yesterday), the doctors feel that Irwin's heart is strong and he doesn't need a pacemaker. Irwin is an energetic guy, so hearing that makes me think that he is in good health and out of danger.

But at his age, you gotta be careful. Nothing is for sure.

But, let's shove that dark cloud away ....

For now, "I'm gonna be there for (the Joe Kubert School) graduation!" is what he's saying. And that's scheduled for next week.

Go Irwin!

THE BEAT has get well wishes and the hospital address to send cards.

Craig Yoe has some wonderful art and kind words.

Mark Evanier's kind words here.

(Above: Mike Lynch, Irwin Hasen, Arnie Roth from December 2006.)

PS I don't mean to be mysterious about my source, it's just that some people are more shy than others.

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