Friday, May 18, 2007

Berndt Toast in the News

It's been a busy time for the Berndt Toast Gang members. Here's some news, some new to this blog, some not ...

Howard Beckerman talks about his comic strip days at the Stripper's Guide blog. I emailed Howard a couple of weeks when I spotted a mention of his name and the above comic strip at the SG blog. Howard then got in touch with Allan Holtz, who runs the blog. The result: an informative interview!

Frank Springer gets 2 interviews: one in the Boston Globe and another in the Lincoln County News (ME). I'd missed his Boston Globe interview. Hat tip to Newsarama. By the way, Frank's oil paintings are incredible and he loaned one to us for our 2006 Great Neck show.

THE LOCKHORNS, written and drawn by Bunny Hoest and John Reiner, was profiled by Newsday. It was a stellar part of a section about comics. One of the other articles, as I mentioned before, was full of mistakes.

And speaking of Bunny: Bunny, Stan Goldberg and myself will be talking about comics on Sunday, June 10 at the Long Island Museum. It's a great opportunity to meet these pros and get a little one on one time. The museum's in Stonybrook, Long Island, and you don't need a car to get there. It starts at 2pm.

Comic book legend Creig Flessel profiled in the Marin Independent Journal.

Alter Ego #70, featuring Roy Thomas talking about Marvel in the 1970s, will include reminiscences about the late, great John Buscema.

And I wanted to rerun this cartoon by Dan Danglo. I know, I posted about it yesterday, but it's worth a second look for its slick styling.

And, lastly, since Fridays are traditionally the day when bloggers post their cat pictures, here is Sam the cat, one of my biggest fans. Kinda, sorta, he's an honorary member of the BTG! Oh, heck, even if you disagree, look at that tummy! Have you ever seen anything cuter? Awww!

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I didn't know Friday was cat day! Dang, I gotta get on the ball next week...