Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Brian Fies Wins Blooker

Wonderful to hear that Brian Fies' book MOM'S CANCER has won the Blooker Award. The Blooker, awarded by the Lulu Press people, is for books that began on the Web and became paper books for sale in a bookstore. You're gonna run outta room on that mantelpiece, Brian!

Brian is also nominated in two Eisner categories this year.

And if you want to see Brian draw on a wall (the cartoon mural in NYC), you can see that here.

Congrats, Brian!

Hat tip Comics Reporter.

1 comment:

Brian Fies said...

Thanks, buddy, I appreciate the mention. There's still plenty of room on my mantel, right next to my Star Trek action figures (kidding...they're all over my office). But why are you reading Spurgeon's blog before mine?