Monday, August 13, 2007

Assignment Earth TV Theme 1

In 1968, when it looked like STAR TREK would be canceled, Gene Roddenberry and writer Art Wallace wrote an episode of TREK titled ASSIGNMENT: EARTH. This episode was a pilot show for another series, with Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise shoehorned into the background; basically, just as so much window dressing.

ASSIGNMENT: EARTH was about a secret agent from the future sent to here to "protect Earth before it could mature into a peaceful society." More here.

The bad news was that this pilot, which starred Gary Lansing and Teri Garr, did not sell. The good news is that the Patterson brothers, the guys over at the Web site Supervisor 194 (the code name of the lead character), have put together not one, but two, title sequences for this show that never became a series. Here is the first one, and there's a link to the second one at the team's site. The cool music is all new and by the brothers.


Mark Anderson said...

Holy cow! That is so cool!

What a neat idea for a show!

Loved the "cat"!

Also, did you notice they spelled Teri with two R's in the titles? Oops!

Mike Lynch said...

Teri Garr was credited as "Terri" in the original episode titles.