Monday, August 20, 2007

Our Future World in 1999 According to 1966 Reader's Digest Book

Here's the Reader's Digest NEW Reading Skills Reader from 1966 with a spectacular future world painting by Fred Freeman (1906-1988). Looky them jet packs! Way cool!

Mr. Freeman was a veteran illustrator for many magazines and books. He may be best known for the 120 illustrations he drew for the book First Men to the Moon (1960), with text by Werner von Braun.

Below is a key to Fred Freeman's cover painting:

It's apparent that the oil companies did not have any input into this! And the lawyers would have a field day with moving sidewalks, rocket belts, etc. Man oh man, I am too cynical now.

I remember thinking, when I was a kid in Iowa City, that this was going to be the way it would be! Heck, it's in a BOOK. It's gotta be true if it's in BOOK.

OK, you saw that there are references to some page numbers. Below is referenced When You Grow Up story, which is fun to read

And, if you don't look out, you may build some skills, mate!

Click here for LARGE version.

I like the idea that people get to work later in the day so they can sleep in like great sloths and they don't have to work long hours. Ha ha ha!

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Food is like candy! More jet packs! Clothes made of glass!

Click here for LARGE version.

In the future, we will all wear what looks like velour jumpsuits with piping ala Lost in Space. And where's my personal robot? Can I have Andrea, from What Are Little Girls Made Of? Can I? Huh?

A labor-saving android from a 1966 episode of Star Trek. She's Shatnerlicious!


This has been an encore presentation of the Mike Lynch Cartoons blog. The above appeared in its original form on Wednesday, July 12, 2006, back when this blog first started over at MySpace.

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Kyle Miller said...

You can have Andrea. She was somewhat buggy, always shooting the wrong person. I want the machine that makes android replicas of anyone you put into it. I'd be rich!