Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2008 Reubens Photos

Above: It's the one and only Shaenon Garrity & Mike Lynch.

The weather report for New Orleans was for hot, hot, steamy, rainy weather all weekend. But it only rained on Thursday and by Friday the rain was intermittent, leaving only the hot, hot & steamy behind ....

I am placing these photos here randomly since if I got them organized, it would be days later before I could manage. See below for some more links to more sites with more organized pictures.

Above is the one and only legendary Jack Davis and me, Mike Lynch, in a photo taken by his wife, Deena "I take very bad photos" Davis. Really. She warned me. Mr. Davis made fun of her cutting off the tops of our mutual heads.

Richard Thompson and Rob Rogers. It was at the till-all-hours meet & greet on the first night there. All are bleary and tired, but happy.

Um, ask Mark Tatulli about The Great American Comic Strip Suck-a-thon. It's for real and it's coming in June 2009.

Reuben Award winner Al Jaffee and Mike Lynch.

Two comic strippers: Paul Gilligan and Hilary Price, looking way too awake for this photo taken in the wee hours after the Reubens ceremony.

Anne Gibbons, Isabella Bannerman and myself. The new Six Chix site & blog is here!

Two of the best: Richard Thompson with magazine cartoonist Benita Epstein.

The one and only Lynn Johnston and the Washington Post's Amy Lago.

The award winning Sandra Boynton and myself.

My friends from Maine: Amy Miller and her husband, NCS Division Award nominee John Klossner.

Mark Tatulli, Keith Robinson and R.C. Harvey.

Mike Lynch, Rina Piccolo and Richard Thompson.

Jay Kennedy Memorial Scholarship winner Juana Medina and myself.

Mort Gerberg & Nick Meglin.

Alan Gardner (The Daily Cartoonist) and Daryl Cagle.

Stan Goldberg, Frank Springer and Hy Eisman.

Terri Libenson and Gerry Mooney.

Me, hovering above Bunny Hoest and Don Orehek.

The cocktail reception room has all these posters of the nominees.

John Martz, Canadian NCS Chapter Chairman and also a great cartoonist and one of guys behind the Drawn! site.

Ray Billingsley draws Curtis.

That's lawyer Stu Rees manning the Orphan works table.

Sergio Aragones, Rina Piccolo and me.

Chad Carpenter
and Amy Lago.

Carla Ventresca, Henry Beckett and Terri Libenson.

Bunny Hoest, and the Mikes: Peters and Lynch.

Eddie and Beth Pittman, Stan and Pauline Goldberg.

Hy and Florenz Eisman who clean up very well!

Don Orehek does justice to the jester's hat.

The gleaming awards display.

Sergio Aragones and Cathy Guisewite going over the notes before the Reubens. They look far too serious!

The Mutts negotiate with terrorists in this parody by Mike Peters.

Mm. Breakfast!

Mort and Judith Gerberg dance.

It's me and Leif Peng! Two of your favorite bloggers ever. Leif's blog is Today's Inspiration. Go and bookmark, you fool!

Don Orehek drawing.

A couple of drawings from a mural protesting the orphan works bill currently being reviewed in congress.

Sergio Aragones strikes a post with husband & wife creators of El Tigre, Sandra Equihua and Jorge Gutierrez.

Who is this masked man?

All in all, an excellent and massive dose of fun. I was involved in some meetings and behind the scenes stuff. At one point, it had been over 2 days and I'd not stepped out of the hotel. Too busy!
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On the airplane home, I learned of the passing of Thelma Keane, Family Circus cartoonist's Bil Keane's wife.

"'She was the inspiration for all of my success,' Bil Keane, 85, told the Associated Press from his home in Paradise Valley on Sunday. 'When the cartoon first appeared, she looked so much like Mommy that if she was in the supermarket pushing her cart around, people would come up to her and say, 'Aren't you the Mommy in 'Family Circus?' And she would admit it.'"

Bil's son Jeff is the current National Cartoonists Society president. My condolences to the Keane family on this sad loss.


Ron Fortier said...

Hi Mike. As a regular visitor to Leif's amazing site, I found your photos from the 2008 Reubens and of course immediately recognized the friendly fellow (you) who introduced himself to me at the FCBD event in Rochester. You've got a very neat
blog here, and I've bookmarked it.
Will be stopping by often. Take care, Ron

Bucky Jones said...

Mike, thanks so much for sharing all the wonderful Reuben photos! Although being there this year was not an option for me (my son was graduating from high school), seeing those photos and reading all about the weekend....makes me so sad I was not in attendance.___Next year, perhaps...

Mike Rhode said...

Boy, I never realized you cartoonists were such snappy dressers. Richard usually wears a tuxedo, true, but all the rest of you...?

Mike Lynch said...

Thanks for your kind words. You all should come next year.