Thursday, May 15, 2008

Trout to Vet's

Above: Trout (tiger cat) with a look of bliss as her mate Sam (B&W cat) gives her a bath.

Our little girl cat Trout is a little girl no longer.

Trout went into heat sometime around 3am. It was disruptive, and it confused our neutered male cats, Roo & Sam. And there was not much shut eye for the people as well.

We were bad for not getting her fixed beforehand.

Off to the vet she was taken first thing this morning. We will be without our stripey cat with the funny fish name until tomorrow, when she gets picked up, a little groggy with a shaved belly, so we may all return to our status quo.


Robert Gidley said...

Good for you getting her fixed, now, Mike! That's the first thing we ddid with our cats (both of them wild ones we adopted). In fact, we even caught the feral parents, had them fixed and released them again. There's plenty of cats, already.

Mark Anderson said...

Feel better, Trout!