Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oliphant Exhibit

Above: The exterior of the Stanford Gallery's Oliphant exhibit. Photo by Matt Wuerker.

Over at The Politico, Matt Wuerker writes about the new Pat Oliphant exhibit in DC through July 11th at the Stanford Gallery.
"The show includes many of the rough sketches that precede the inked cartoons, providing a window into Oliphant’s process. He’s a natural draftsman whose loose drawings contribute a lot of the comic appeal to his finished work; the pencil sketches show how easily the humor flows from his pen. And to emphasize the point, there’s a big charcoal sketch that Oliphant did directly on the wall of the gallery space."
I love seeing the roughs, the doodles, the bits behind the scenes. This is a great opportunity to see a major editorial cartoonist's retrospective. If you're going, I'll come along and help with gas money, OK? OK!

H/t to Comics Reporter!

Above Oliphant cartoon nicked from the Andrews McMeel LEADERSHIP: CARTOONS & SCULPTURE FROM THE BUSH YEARS site.

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