Thursday, May 08, 2008

Screen Cartoonists Local 1461, December 10, 1944 UPDATED

Above is the cover of the NYC-based Screen Cartoonists Local 1461 newsletter for December 10, 1944.

Sam Cobean, "VIP" Partch, Tom Johnson, George Baker, Gus Ariola [sic], and Dan Danglo are just some of the names of the members of the service listed in Santa's long flowing beard of talent above.

My thanks to Dan Danglo himself who forwarded this to me out of the blue. I don't have much to go on, but it looks like a reproduction of the original from a later newsletter. Read the blurbs on the right hand side. If Dan has some more information, I'd be glad to update this.


UPDATE: From Dan Danglo:
"Re the Santa I sent....When I worked at Terrytoons in 1942, my first friends there were Milton Stein and Jim Logan...I went into the service in 1943...I got out in 1946..I had kept up my correspondence with Jim and sometime in the course of the correspondence he sent me a copy of the Santa..On a visit to Jim and Elly (sadly they're both gone now)..we went out to dinner with animator, Dave Tendlar and his wife..Dave did the Santa drawing...If you are interested, I believe I have a file, or I loaned it to Howard Beckerman, of most of the pre Terrytoon strike, union bulletins. I'm a real pack rat. Best, Dan"

Heck, I'd sure like to see more from that time! Dan adds these 2 photos as well:

Dan adds:

"These pix were taken at Animation House...The two civilians on the left were from an agency."

Thanks so much, Dan, for these interesting items!

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