Monday, May 05, 2008

WSJ Cartoon Move

Above: a teeny tiny box heralded the announcement of the move.

I should have known something was up when George Jartos called me on April 22nd to tell me that he couldn't find my cartoon on the Wall Street Journal editorial page ....

The Wall Street Journal's “Pepper ... and Salt” daily cartoon panel has moved from its current editorial page position to the next to last page in the paper. This is not the first time that the cartoon has moved. Here's a quote from the NY Times article by Cate Doty:

“'Pepper ... and Salt' moves to Leisure & Arts, said a box on April 22, wedged in the corner where the cartoon used to be. And there it was — smaller than before, featuring a woman welcoming her husband home with the news that she had figured out how to make her cat’s purr serve as her cellphone ring tone."

Hey, Cate! Woo hoo! That's my cartoon!

Ms. Doty asks about an impending Murdochian cartoon agenda, quoting Rex Rabin (“Murdoch’s papers are known for their great editorial cartooning.") and Ted Rall (“The Wall Street Journal editorial page is a showcase for conservative opinion. ... You could see possibly Murdoch having some fun with it in some ways.”).

The Times uses a “Pepper ... and Salt” cartoon by Roy Delgado as illustration.

The cartoon was, for a time, cut to three days a week. It's been back at it usual five times a week strength the past couple of years. Since WSJ business coverage has been cut 50%, with a rise in political stories in the paper during that time, it's hard not to agree with Rex & Ted.

H/t to Comics Reporter (which used an Eli Stein cartoon as illustration).


mamafrog said...

I looked at this from your earlier post and had bookmarked it to check everyday--I like cartoons, what can I say!. Then I noticed that it was gone. Thanks for your update on this item. Do you know if it will be on the website anymore?

Mike Lynch said...

Hi Mamafrog. I just looked now at the WSJ online editorial page and could see today's Leo Cullum cartoon.

This could, of course, all change very quickly.