Thursday, May 01, 2008

Saturday is Free Comic Book Day

Above: Richard Thompson's take on Free Comic Book Day!

Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday May 3rd. It is more than what you think it is. If you think you just waltz in to a comic book store and you can walk out (legally) with some special free comics, you're only partially correct.

Above: Ralph DiBernardo, of Jetpack Comics ran into some problems last year. Apparently, he "misplaced" an invoice for one of his droids. Courtesy photo from the Rochester Times.

Even here in little old New Hampshire, Jetpack Comics of Rochester, NH, the whole town is getting into the act. There will be Star Wars characters walking around and actual people who draw comics will be here, scrawling autographs on comic books. At the local Rochester Opera House, you can get your photo taken with Jabba the Hutt for $5.00. Jabba the Frikkin' Hutt, man!
"DiBernardo expects more than 750 people to attend this year's event. And 14 local establishments, including Jetpack, will join in the fun too as Rochester celebrates the comic book, in all of its guises.

"... Free comic books will be available at the other associated businesses too, including Elegant Touch Hair Salon, Tri-City Bicycles, Carney Medical Supply, Cocheco Equipment, Jenny Wren Gallery, Rochester Opera House, Subway on North Main Street, Distinctive Forest Creations, Fat Tony's Italian Grille, Chicken Roost, Hanson Street Grille, Alaire's Second Hand Shop and Rochester Public Library."

- from "Jabba, Boba and Leia? Where are we, Tatooine?" by Conor Makem, May 1, 2008 Rochester Times

Humongous list of the free comics here.

But wait, there's more!

Tom Heintjes, the man behind the Hogan's Alley magazine, writes to offer even more FREE STUFF:

I wonder if you think your readers would be interested in knowing about our free
Hogan's Alley offer in conjunction with Free Comic Book Day.

Anyone (in the U.S.) who e-mails us a request on this Saturday, May 3, will receive a copy. No strings attached! Just send a mailing address to and make sure we receive it on May 3 (not before May 3, and not after!).

We love Tom, but Tom is going to go broke. Send him a nice card when he gets carted off to debtor's prison!

Related: Craig Yoe interviewed Tom in November.

Next year I hope to get photographed with Pizza the Hutt!!!

And let me know when Free Magazine/Blogging Cartoonist Day is coming, please. Thank you.

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