Thursday, May 08, 2008

Gag Cartoon Cliche Poll

There's a new poll. Peek over to the right and, should you care to, vote.

The topic: Choose your favorite cartoon cliche.


Trade Loeffler said...

Is this poll some sort of psychology/personality test? Am I a sexist jerk because I voted for "Boss chasing secretary". Of course, if more people had voted for "Lemmings", I would have voted for that one.

Royston Robertson said...

Great idea for a poll, Mike. It's psychiatrist's couch every time for me! [Thinks: I really hope it's *not* a personality test ...]

Janice said...


I agree this is a great poll but for other reasons than trade and royston said.... I had the opportunity to change my answer three times :D


Mark Anderson said...

No sales graph?! Good heavens, man! I ought to chase you around a couch!

Mike Lynch said...

Well, Trade, I voted for "Boss chasing secretary" too. I'm not sure what that says about our psychological make up, but at least you're not alone in this world.

Royston and Janice: my thanks for taking the time to not only vote but to comment as well. Very nice of you.

Is the sales graph cartoon a cliche? I've drawn hundreds of them. Heck, Mark, you've drawn thousands of 'em. It's certainly arguable that a sales graph cartoon is a cartoon cliche. For what it's worth, my take is that it's iconic (like board meeting gags, cubicle cartoons, 2 people walking down the street (50% of modern gag cartoons tend to be these), talking dogs, smart alecky kids, and so on); it's a recognizable kind of cartoon, but it's not an old, reliable staple like a desert island or a shrink's couch or a St. Peter at Heaven's Gate kinda cartoon (which I SHOULD have included on the survey).

Mike Lynch said...

The gag cartoon poll has ended. The results are here.