Saturday, May 10, 2008

RUB MY TUMMY AND IT'S A DEAL a New Cartoon Book by Mark "Andertoons" Anderson

It's spring time! The snow is off the lawn, the lark is in the meadow, and a brand spanking new book of cartoons is aborne in the new spring day! Fa la!

This newborn paperback, weighing in at a healthy 5.9 ounces, is titled RUB MY TUMMY AND IT'S A DEAL by Mark Anderson.

The 108 page book jammed with his Andertoons trademark humor. There is also a forward by yours truly.

Mark and I are very much like cartoony brothers. We met after we saw each others' work in print and online. After a couple of phone conversations, we found out that we're both:

  • from small towns in Iowa,
  • self-taught cartoonists,

  • cubicle life escapees,

  • big nerds for comics and sci fi,

  • dashingly handsome lads,

  • and we each have very, very patient wives.
Okay, seriously -- He's one of the most successful cartoonists of the 21st century. His cartoons are everywhere: magazines, Web sites, phones, and, as I write this, Andertoons are probably being beamed across the Neutral Zone into the emerging Romulan market. I'm not kidding!

This is a chance to see his first collection of business cartoons. A worthy addition to your shelf and a worthy way to start off Spring 2008 with a laugh.


Mark Anderson said...

Aw shucks... Thanks, Lynchy!

Mike Lynch said...

I just got a copy in the mail -- thanks to you, kind sir. I went to the post office yesterday, and I had to rip open the package and stand there in the US Postal Retail Center, and start reading it and smiling and giggling. So cool to hold the actual book in my hand. Really wonderfully done!!! Bravo!!!