Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Cartoon Consultants Calendar for May

Attention gag cartoonists: It's May, so prep your cartoons for September! Suggested topics from the Cartoon Consultants Calendar for May: back to school, Daylight Savings Time ends, ordering coal and oil, etc.

Thank you, oh thank you, Mr. Craig Yoe!

Actually, I do have to order some oil, but I'm putting it off as long as possible in the hope is that the oil cartels will lower their prices before the election.

And remember: get your batches out in the US Mail before Monday BEFORE the postage hike. Yup, postage is going up. Lovely.

Graphic: Former gag cartoonist then syndicated cartoonist Mr. Ketcham hard at work at the board from a photo headlining the "How to Be a Cartoonist" feature from the DENNIS THE MENACE comic book #42 in 1959. This was originally posted on The Greatest Ape blog by Doug Gray.

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Bear said...

Haha! My favorite is under "Football Season", simply titled "The inebriate."