Friday, May 30, 2008

Best Cartoons of the Year 1964

Here's some cartoons from the BEST CARTOONS OF 1964, "being a selection, by the artists themselves, of the best cartoons they drew for the leading magazines in the country for the past year." It's copyright 1964 by the series' long time editor Lawrence Lariar. The nice paper cover has long since been landfill, so here's the frontispiece.

Bob Weber's cartoons are always fun. Full of lowlifes, full of action -- and there's always an old timey cartoon touch to admire. In this case, I'm admiring the little puffs of smoke behind the hubby. This guy gets snaps for escaping the police and running through town without losing his stogie!

Here's a nice pen scratchy Joe Farris cartoon. It's only by letting my eye wander for a moment, keying in on what the shrink is looking at, that I was able to see those patient's fingers.

George Dole is one of the greats. I like his wide-eyed characters and easy, quick sketch style.

I like how the kid's hand is at his hip. So theatrical. Bo Brown has made a good point.

Jack Tippit with a prescient cartoon. Lariar wrote in his introduction that, "The past year may well go down in history as The Year of the Unleashed Libido." This cartoon certainly qualifies.

Arthur Henrickson with an early raw food market cartoon.

The one and only Don Orehek with a dopey cop. Note how his black spotting gets your eye bouncing between the 4 "Budapest String Quartet members" and the foreground.

Vahan Shirvanian (who just had a cartoon in yesterday's Wall Street Journal) gives us a 2 panel take on an old idea. I laughed at it. Maybe you saw it coming, but I didn't!

Do kids even know what a divining rod is? Here's another multi-panel by Jack Tippit. You can never have enough Tippit.

Michaud made me laugh out loud. Another "Year of the Libido" cartoon, for those who are counting! Look at the lovely little details of the room, and that easy, sweeping wash.

Jim Whiting reporting on the wild, drunken parties. Nowadays, a quick phone call from one of the kids' cell phones to Child Protective Services would bring about a swift end to this behavior!

This is maybe a dated and silly gag, but look at the composition: a sea of frowns as we look from left to right -- and then we see the exception, and read the gag line. All done in an economic 2-3 seconds.


Bear said...

Good stuff. Just last weekend I picked up a copy of Lariar's "Best..1969." The curious thing to me was the afterword with some weird apologetic language concerning publishing rights, etc. Do any of his other annual books have that? I'll scan and send you the page, if not.

Michelle Michaud said...

Thanks for the nice words about my dad, Roland Michaud's, work. He was a very talented artist who made a good living doing storyboards for television ads, but cartoonist was the label he cherished most. Michelle Michaud, Tampa, FL

Unknown said...

Is this Michaud too?
(Hebrew translation "Don't worry, we are going to get help")

Mike Lynch said...

Yes, Itsik, that sure looks like Michaud's signature!

artijoke said...

My dad, Art Henrikson, drew the cartoon about raw data being fed into the computer all day. It was wonderful to discover this cartoon as one that you featured. He recently passed away in November 2012 at the age of 91.

Diane Henrikson Russell, daughter

Michelle Michaud said...

That's one of my dad's cartoons I've never seen before. That's definitely his signature. Thanks, Mr. Heyman!