Monday, February 23, 2009

Blogless Monday?

Up to 18 inches of heavy, big flakes of snow clinging to trees & powerlines & bird feeders. I don't know if we'll have power on Monday. So, here are a few photos of the storm so far. Above: a bird feeder with an enormous cap of wet snow at about 11pm. The snow is so wet that it can sling to the side of the metal shepherd's hook.

Another bad photo taken with the flash as the snow continues to fall. I opened the door, stuck my hand, with the camera, out the side door and quickly took a shot. The blob in the bottom of the above photo is the car. You can barely make out the birches behind it, bent to the ground; weighed down by heavy snow.


Mark Anderson said...

HOLY MOLEY! Hang in there Mikey!

Mike said...

Can't tell how much we got because I'm at the end of a long lake and it blows all over anyway. The car and woodpile are both buried, so whatever choice I make will involve some shoveling. At least it has stopped ... until this afternoon. So I can shovel out, go to work, and then shovel out again when I try to come home tonight!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the bad weather Mike. I would try to identify with you, but I live in northern Louisiana and haven't seen snow since the Clinton administration.

Rod McKie said...


Kidding, this looks pretty severe. We pretty much escaped the bad snow, but it dropped to -18in Aberdeen. In Edinburgh it actually feels like Spring is sprung.

I got my lovely Mike Lynch, Stephanie P, et al, card today and it really cheered me up, so I'm going to think of something I can send over there to brighten your spirits..