Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Video: Gary Baseman's Influences

"White Canvas + Gary Baseman" profiles the cartoonist and illustrator Gary Baseman, with lots of footage of his sketches, as well as finished paintings. Gary himself, talks about why he draws what he draws. It runs under 6 minutes.

I think of him as more artist than a cartoonist. I admire him being able to be guided by his id in his work; drawing from that deep, dark part of the brain, and being able to then articulate that he's trying to find the bittersweet truth of the human condition.

The video is from Whitecanvas.com.


Lenny Boudreau said...

Gary Baseman does the illustrations for the Cranium board games. Great fun, great drawings.

cshepscorp said...

Thanks for sharing this. I found your blog while searching for "the artist that creates the drawings for Cranium"

this guy is like a modern-day hieronymus bosch