Tuesday, February 17, 2009

HUMBUG is Here

The 2 volume hardcover slipcased collected HUMBUG is here from Fantagraphics.

It's Harvey Kurtzman, Jack Davis, Will Elder, Al Jaffee, & Arnold Roth. Look at the links below for much free cartoony greatness.

Between MAD and Annie Fanny, Kurtzman’s biographical summaries will note that he created and edited three other magazines, Trump, Humbug, and Help!, but, whereas his MAD and Annie Fanny are readily available in reprint form, his major satirical work in the interim period is virtually unknown. Humbug, which had poor distribution, may be the least known, but to those who treasure the rare original copies, it equals or even exceeds MAD in displaying Kurtzman’s creative genius. Humbug was unique in that it was actually published by the artists who created it: Kurtzman and his cohorts from MAD Will Elder, Jack Davis, and Al Jaffee, were joined by universally acclaimed cartoonist Arnold Roth. With no publisher above them to rein them in, this little band of creators produced some of the most trenchant and engaging satire of American culture ever to appear on American newsstands. At last, the entire run of 11 issues of Humbug is being reprinted in a deluxe format, much of it reproduced from the original art, allowing even owners of the original cheaply-printed issues to experience the full impact for the first time.

Complete slideshow/vid here.

32 page PDF free preview here.

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Anonymous said...

I love Davis and Elder. Hooray! Also Al Jaffee's gimmicks.

Wish I could afford this at the moment. But I may just have to be an annoyance, browsing at the bookstore.