Thursday, February 19, 2009

Video: Sean Delonas Cartoon Protest in NYC

Video Here.

The Daily News has video of the protest against Sean Delonas' cartoon in front of Rupert Murdoch's New York Post. (You can view the cartoon, which appeared in the Post's Wednesday edition, here.) Above: a screen capture of my pal, cartoonist Tony Murphy, from the video

Here's Tony with an announcement for any cartoonists who can make it to Manhattan tomorrow:


Tomorrow there's going to be another protest in front of the Post:

Friday, February 20 -- 5 PM
In front of Murdoch's News Corp building
Avenue of the Americas between 47th & 48th

I went to the one today: hundreds of people, really great -- tomorrow should be bigger.

I carried a sign saying "Cartoonists Against Racism." People definitely liked that, but it wasn't strictly true, since I was the only cartoonist there.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't really know what to say about this one. I was deffinitely a shocked by the cartoon's vulgarity, but this cartoon (like Southpark and other shows before it) have a right to the First Amendment.

I don't know, what does anyone else think?

Anonymous said...

Actually, scratch what I just said. After a second look at that cartoon, I deffinitely felt pissed off. Way to go protesting slanderous filth Mike.

Anonymous said...

I'd go if it were protesting lame gags.
On second thought, I'd rather go protest any one of the several dozen papers across north america that no longer have a staff cartoonist.

Josef Von Zapsbug said...

Tony is either a fool or a tool of those who would silence proper comment on dumb policy. Eight years of Bush depicted in cartoons, print and film as a chimp or worse - and nary a word against. Now ONE cartoon that attacks Congress and the Executive for monkey-brained legislation, and sanctimonious critics come out of the woodwork flinging race cards! Maybe a “Fairness” doctrine for cartoons is in order…ehh Tony? Real free speach advocates should unite to support the Post, not shut it down. Absurdity at its best in the new Amerika.

Anonymous said...

Last I looked, comparing white guys to chimps wasn't a traditional form of ugly discrimination, therefore it wasn't off limits with Bush. Cartoonists are stooooopid if they don't consider this first! No matter what a creator intends, the interpretation of the beholder is what sticks. Read up on media theory, hack. If people don't get it, it's a bad cartoon. Simple.

Anonymous said...

The stimulus bill was written up by the House, and not by the president. Is Delonas "racist" against Nancy Pelosi? I don't think the joke was any great shakes, but the criticisms are very silly.

Bob Buethe said...

If the punchline had said "sign" instead of "write," or if it had been something like "I guess Biden is in charge now," then I could understand calling it racist. But as it's written, it's depicting an actual event from the news, and saying that the stimulus proposal reads like something written by a chimp. I don't think it's a particularly funny (or tasteful) gag, but I think that calling it racist is way over the top.

Anonymous said...

If the Chimp was supposed to be Obama, then that was a really terrible caricature. Obama is a relatively easy guy to get down. It wasn't Obama. I'm sure Delonas has drawn Obama before and I'm betting it looks nothing like that chimp. Too bad that Tony has jumped onto such a shameful bandwagon. I like his stuff. Cartoonists should stick to speech balloons.